Bad Day “4”

Or: An Unfortunate Series of Events

It hasnt been a very good day. At all. As I sit here, barely able to type, I can't help but think about how 'orrible this day has been for me.

The Chemistry Test:
Physical Chemistry and Energetics

I thought I was prepared for this one, but it seems not. Unfortunately, question one stumped me entirely, but I was saved later on by a few questions on ideal gasses (graph drawing, equations, etc.). Nevertheless, I didn't enjoyit one bit.

The Maths Test:
Pure 1

Oh, how I havebeen dreading this one. I have revised quite a bit for this, but still (as usual) the questions are beyond me and I'm left not answering about 40% of the paper. Sadly enough, it was the first question of each group that threw me, so I couldn't answer theothers and try to get a higher mark.

The Chemistry Lesson:
Making Crunchie and Becoming a Burns Victim

Ironically, I was joking about becoming a burs victim just before I did this experiment. Why not try it for yourself at home?

Two tablespoons of sugar in a beaker, add water to the 40ml level, add two drops of vinegar, heat until caramelized, ad bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate), stir intensely while pouring into moulds. If only the last bit were that simple.

As we added the bicarbonate, the mixture froths up quickly. Sadly, too quickly for me to manage. It spilled out of the beaker and onto various parts of my fingers as I was pouring it into the two moulds at around about 200°C. Oh how it hurts. It's actually painful to type now. But don't worry - the crunchie tastes alright.

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Blogger Kevin: I am infinitely glad that I'm not you. 200 C?

Blogger pirate_freak: i had a bad day too...

Blogger Jacqueline Urbano: Eh eh sweet Fintan! I updated some new photos. Check em out when you have a minute. Hope you have better days and best wishes with the school werk.

Blogger pirate_freak: look at me: im on christmas break with 5 days till christmas itself, and i am still depressed, scared, confused, and anxious all the time. what is wrong with me?!?!?!!?

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