Car Wash “5”

Yes, I too think that Christina and Missi's cover is totally wrong in principle. You just can't beat the grooviness of the original, and the new one is over-produced. It's listenable, though.

Working at the car wash, yeah!
Work and work!

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Blogger Kevin: You can't "beet" the grooviness of the original? From a student taking A-levels?
*raises eyebrows*

Blogger Kevin: Uh-oh. Is this a challenge to your superiority?

Blogger Fin: Firstly, I'd like to apologise. I was angry and in a rush. :D

Secondly, they're fools to think that they can survive in Bristol. Bristol is a hot bed of new media production (E3 are the best - I did work experience there and they wanted me back but I refused!) Also, that site borrows heavily from Macromedia's site, and a few others.

Market West is truly original. Plus, they're in Bristol, I'm not. I think real Westerners will be able to relate to that! ;)

Blogger Kevin: Ah, I'm being sarcastic anyway. You've got skills, I must admit. I think you'll really have to train those employees (or get ones well-trained enough), though, once your business truly gets big enough, in order to get them to a place where you'll be able to comfortably assign stuff to them, don't you think? What a complex, run-on sentence.
Geez, Louise! (as they say)

Blogger pirate_freak: To Kevin and Fintan::

Yor comments are the same length, if not longer than my posts!

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