Fancy Dressy: Tomorrowy “6”

Tomorrow is the end of term fancy dress type day, where people decided to dress up as Superman, Spiderman, or even Christmas puddings.

What, I hear you say, am I going as? Well, I was planning on going as a fireman (Fireman Fin, "the stripping king"), but the costume shop in Cheddar (run by quite depressed and rude-type people, who I suspect to be swingers) didn't have a fireman outfit. When I heard that I nearly shouted, "Don't have one? Don't have one? What do you bloody mean you don't have one? This is a fancy dress shop, isn't it?"

So I had to have a look through their shabby catalogue of togs (ugh, I hate that term), and was recommended the Luftwaffe suit.

What was I thinking?

The second I stepped out of their shabbo door, I realized that I really, really didn't want to go to school dressed as Hitler. I'd bought a moustache and everything. I can honestly say that I find it hard to laugh at something like that, even a good half a century after it happened.

The plan

So I had to improvise. Using some of my comic genius, I texted (ooh new phone!) my friend Rhi who lives down the road. She has a great many skirts, one of which I took home. I will wear tomorrow, with the Nazi uniform, and some fish nets. I'm going for a kind of schizoid look.

There shall be no pictures.

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Blogger Kevin: I'd say "too bad", but... *shivers*
No, don't pack the camera.
"Stripping"? As in...? What?

Blogger Kevin: Wait a second! Cross-dressing Nazi?! Is that possible?

Blogger Fin: I assure you, it is. It went well and I had lots of fun. The "review" (a show set up by the students in year 13) was really good, but I had to leave 45 minutes before the end because of an appointment.

Blogger pirate_freak: please!!!!!!!!!!! i want pics of that!!! ok, you dont have to put the pics on your blog, just leave a comment on my blog that has a link to the picture *devious grin* ;)

Blogger Fin: Well I actually have one on my mobile, but I wont be able to get it onto my PC until my connection kit arrives from ebay.

Blogger pirate_freak: damn! *shakes fist slowly*

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