Good Start! “8”

The camera can't quite capture the true look of the brilliant Blagdon sunrise we experienced this morning, I think you can get the (ahem) picture.

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Blogger Fin: Oh and BTW, from now on I will try to post my photos up at the highest resolution possible (1024px), so that you are able to make them your desktop wallpaper (should you so desire). This is all mainly because I have broadband now, so it doesn't take two seconds to do.

Blogger pirate_freak: "CAN'T"?!?!?! How could you say "can't"?!?! That is brilliant!!!

Blogger Fin: lol, thanks!

Blogger pirate_freak: It's almost as gorgeous as Johnny Depp....

Blogger Kevin: I'm not sure of an appropriate heterosexual male response to that. :-P

Blogger pirate_freak: UGH!!! Why do guys always have to be so straight?! I only know one other guy who swings both ways, like me!

Blogger ME! :-): ahem.. im sorry what did you say? Johnny Depp? Fit? aaagghhh! no no no no no! oh how very wrong! Sure he's an amazing actor, and a really nice bloke.. but NO hes not fit at all! unlike our Fintan, of course! ;-)

Blogger pirate_freak: Suuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrreeee...... i mean Fintan is good lokin' and all, but there is NO comparison to Johnny Depp.

In my opinion, anyway.

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