How DO I Do It? “9”

I have just made what could turn out to be the single most logic-defying error I will ever make online.

I was in Buster Tests's cPanel, as I had just received a note saying that the registration process didn't quite work for someone.

I went to check on the MySQL databases through cPanel, where I saw the option to check the database. Unfortunately for me, the button was right next to the 'delete' button, which I pressed. After all, it IS after midnight, and I AM on my laptop.

I was shocked enough just by pressing that, but to my absolute horror, there was no confirmation page. I was simply deleted, and the only back-up (I hope) I have is from when the site was about 50 users strong (it WAS about 110, before my large accident).

This has made such an impact upon me that my hands are now shaking and I can feel the adrenaline seeping though my arteries. I don't like loosing any kind of data (I'm a file hoarder), especially un-backed-up data which I worked very hard to get.

Oh well. I suppose it's nightmares for me tonight.

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Blogger Fin: All I can say is that I have *never* brushed my teeth with such conviction. I nearly stabbed myself in the back of the throat a few times with the head of the brush.

I?m angry.

Before brushing my teeth I spent a good few minutes talking to myself in the mirror saying things like ?it?s only data?, ?it means nothing? (a contradiction in terms!), and ?life goes on.? You would be forgiven for thinking I have lost a loved one!

I?ve just crawled the internet for any reports of data being recovered, and the only thing I could find suggests it is possible *praise Jesus-sa!* I pray the people at Scotreg are more cautious with data than I am.

Fingers crossed, everyone. I know your thoughts are with me. :) This is all I will be able to think about for a while now. I?ll be checking my email account as often as possible now.

Blogger Fin: Saying that, I do actually have the email addresses of everyone who has ever signed up, since I made a special sub-program which emailed me their details every time someone signed up.

In the event of a very worst case scenario (although it really can't get much worse) I could painstakingly email each one and request that they sign up again.

I'm also worried about that fact that I have just sent out an updater email to everyone (pre-deletion) which means that it is likely there will be lots of people accessing the site tomorrow. The fact that the tests were housed in the same database as the users isn't good - nothing on the site works now, and I'm scared to re-upload the tests in case I break any kind of backup Scotreg has (somehow - ach I can't afford to take those kind of risks!).

Blogger Fin: The amount of swearwords I have said in the last hour could easily rival the number I have uttered in the last few months. And I'm not counting damn... or bloody...

Blogger Fin: Only file sharing can ease the pain...

Blogger Fin: The praying worked. The database was restored, and everything is back on track. Phew!

Blogger Kevin: What an ordeal!

Blogger pirate_freak: What a bunch of comments posted by the author himself.

Just kiding.

Blogger Fin: I was so stressed out - the writing helped!

Blogger pirate_freak: When I am stressed out, ciggarettes help!

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