MarketWest Launched “19”

Hoo haw! It's online!

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Blogger Kevin: For some reason, the first and second column jutting into the header makes me a little uncomfortable. Took me a little bit to realize that the icon next to the nav items says "MW" - makes sense now.

Blogger Kevin: Oh yes, and here don't you mean "pane" not "payne"?

Blogger Kevin: Oh yes, and here I think the a href for "24:7 Media & Events" ought be "" not "".

Blogger Kevin: "This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!"
*raises eyebrows*

Blogger Fin: Ooh I think I'm loosing it!

Blogger Fin: I think that the design is quite fresh. It leads you eye rather nicely. I'm just waiting 'til I get the rest of the content up and running and then I'll be sure to add in style-changing buttons that can alter the colour to taste (and default to colour by season, perhaps...)

Ultimately, I?ll blame the mistakes on my laptop, and clumsy finger work on it?s likkle trackpoint technology. I?m starting to get evil vibes from this little device? first it goes for my database and now it?s going for my rep! What next? My life!?

Blogger Fin: All fixed.

Blogger Kevin: Yippee! Yes, on second thought, I can see how it directs your attention.

Blogger Kevin: Maybe not your life, but perhaps the life of your children:
Laptop Use Increases...: Medical News TodayDon't Take The Name 'Laptop' Literally: InformationWeekIt's all over the news!

Blogger Kevin: Stupid blogger, not allowing br tags...

Blogger Kevin: Actually, I like the Guardian article the best.

Blogger Fin: Wow - that's scary!

Blogger pirate_freak: i like monkeys...

Blogger Fin: Well good for you!

Blogger pirate_freak: OOH-OOH-AH-AH!!!!!!!! *peels banana*

Blogger Kevin: You didn't use an "alt" attribute for the "Merry Christmas" image - page no longer validates.

Blogger Fin: Oh what a nice way to end my brilliant day! :D

I've read a few articles and done a bit of thinking, and I feel confident that standards (or at least strict standards) don't actually matter to me too much. Well, it?s not so much they don?t matter as they are less important than function and form.

No blind person will ever go onto the MW site - so there isn't too much of a point. It's different with things like Buster Tests, but even then the problems a bit of slack mark-up will cause are negligible.

I think that I've been concentrating a bit too much on standards recently, which had been letting the quality of my design down slightly. I already want to re-design the MW site - I though green would be a nice choice, but it hasn't really satisfied my eyes as much as I thought it would.

I suppose I'm thinking about good old blue, but I would really like to make an impression with this design. I want something fresh-feeling: bright, sparkly and alive.

I've also decided that I'm going to start to use wider layouts for my blog and personal sites, as the vast majority or users now have a large enough resolution. It may seem like the wrong kind of thinking, but if it looks better and does a better job then I think it's the right choice.

Ooh that blister on my fingers getting big.

Anyway, there you have it. Changes. Also, I've been roving around making a nice little library or links with the fabulous, which I will be publishing on TRC and perhaps a new personal site which I might register soon.

Blogger Fin: Wow that's strange how your small comment prompted that.

Blogger Kevin: I was just checking, since I use lynx and can't see any of the pictures.
Okay, not true.
In any case, there will always be people like me that right click every image on your page and view the properties, occasionally becoming livid when I find that ominous line: "Alternate Text: Missing"
Anyone that calls your bluff by clicking the validation links might see non-validation as unprofessional. I don't know.
Wider layouts would be nice - I have historically ended up using ones that were at most 600px wide, which is crazy. Of course, considering the target audiences (God bless them), it makes sense to go with such a narrow layout. Although I think they're just plain ugly.

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