Sweety Sky “7”

Recently I've been waking up to some amazing views. Here are some of the best.

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Blogger pirate_freak: *gasp*!!!1

Blogger Fin: lol

Blogger pirate_freak: See, here in Arizona, we don't wake up to beautiful oceans and pink sunrises. We wake up to either extreme cold or extreme heat. And, like today, the occaisional rain that lasts all day. We get to look at our neighbors houses and their palm trees (which is a sad attempt at trying to make Arizona look more inhabitable). I miss Ohio. *sigh*

Blogger Fin: It's not so much an ocean as a lake, but it sure is beeeeeeautifffffful!

Blogger pirate_freak: it sure is....

Blogger Duck Hunter: awsome picture. Looks like it is from a fairy tale book.

Blogger Fin: Thanks very much.

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