The Wonders of Physics “11”

Don't listen to what anyone says. They're lying. Physics is really, truly, a big load of fun.

Well, not quite. If anyone else out there is studying this subject at A-level, you probably know what it's like to have that horrible sinking feeling during a test which occurs when you really haven't a clue how to answer a question.

Actually, I suppose we all get that. So it's alright, really.

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Blogger pirate_freak: i hate tests.....grrrr......DAMN YOU TEST MAKERS!!!1

Blogger pirate_freak: *shakes fist slowly*

Blogger Fin: lol, yeah. Bloody test makers... who in their right mind would ever do such a thing?...

Blogger pirate_freak: The way I see it, these ppl get PAID to torture little children.

Blogger Kevin: Bloody? How strong of a word is that? Someone recently proposed to me that it's roughly of the same force as the "f-word" in Britain.
What happens when you get a bloody nose, then?

Blogger Fin: "Bloody" is nowhere near "F***". Use this rule I just made up:
"If they say it in Harry Potter, it MUST be okay!"

And they certainly do. A lot. I do believe it's Ron's favourite word (and a little irritating, at that!).

Blogger Kevin: What a great rule - I'll have to remember it. I can't say this blog has taught me nothing.

Blogger Fin: lol

Blogger pirate_freak: Fuck is a funny word. Fuckitty-fuck-fuck with a little bit 'o shit and a bitch on top! sorry to all the mormons who read this.....

Blogger Kevin: I'd say that was bratty, but then again...

Blogger pirate_freak: I'm a potty mout (toilet flushes)


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