Yet Another Site “7”

Oh yes! And this time, it's not personal!

Rather, I'm currently trying to develop a kind of corporate site to showcase my web design abilities and to reach new potential customers, and doing so while trying to convince the reader that I am, in fact, a business, and most certainly not a person. It sure is tricky.

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Blogger Kevin: I think you should just come up with a slogan that makes clear that you're not a person.
For instance:
Fintan Darragh: "A vague corporate entity that designs brilliant web sites for your business and most certainly is not a person."or, alternately:
MarketWest: "The West Country's non-personal web design firm, powered by the most brilliant disembodied web designing mind in Bristol."

Blogger Fin: That really did make my lol

Blogger Fin: *lol - ach, it's late!

I think Blogger needs comment editing.

Blogger Fin: Ooh I just can't stop looking at that photo of mine and thinking that I look angry or something.

It's going to have to go.

Also, I have (yet another) redesign on my mind. I really can't help it, but I'm thinking about three columns.

Blogger Kevin: three columns? Do you have a lot of time on your hands or something?

Blogger Fin: I sure do. Well, actually I don't at all - but when it comes to web design I MAKE time.

lol How?s that for a heroic type of line?

Naff? Yeah, I agree...

Blogger Fin: Oh, and here's the link:
Market West

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