Anatomy For Beginners “2”

Morbid entertainment or scientific exploration?

Channel 4 has done it again. Anatomy For Beginners has been airing every day this week at around 11.

It features a set of human dissections, one per episode, which focus on the workings of our body. First movement, then circulation, then digestion, and tonight reproduction.

It’s fascinating to watch, but I can’t help thinking that it’s just some kind of morbid curiosity keeping me viewing. I know how the body works (A* GCSE, ahem), but I don’t need to see it pulled apart at all. So why watch?

Well, I suppose I would have never seen such a thing if I didn’t watch it. It was well preformed, interesting and done in a proper manner. There were jokes, but they were harmless and arose from the lecture atmosphere of the programme.

It’s got a great theme tune, though.

Why not find out more about the show. You can see some pictures and the “flash” version of the titles on Channel 4’s website.

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Blogger pirate_freak: GOOS GOD THAT IS NASTY!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger pirate_freak: GOOD GOD THAT IS NASTY!!!!!!!!!!

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