The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button “7”

What a fanstastic album!

I urge you all to go out and buy it right now! It's so fresh and enjoyable. I really like it, and all the tracks are gold (except the rap one, which just isn't my thing).

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Blogger pirate_freak: Fintan, if I check out this cd, you have to look up Van halen.

Any of their cd's, I really dont care. Just listen to the music I listen to.

Blogger Fin: Van Halen?

Blogger pirate_freak: They are a rock and roll band from the 70's and 80's. Go to and you can check out some of their music videos.

Blogger Kevin: Hey, Fintan:
Something we were talking about earlier:
Yahoo! News: Britain: U.S. Must Help Avert Climate Catastrophe

Blogger superfan: The time has come to push the button

Blogger pirate_freak: hey, Seffy. did you follow my link?

Blogger Fin: lol I told you so!

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