General Studies Banter “4”

Today in General Studies we were talking about politics. We've got quite a good group because we tend to talk instead of completing the sheets we're meant to do, and it's usually about interesting things.

Voting and such and such were the main topic of today's conversation. We discussed the MEPs and how, to my surprise, they are actually elected by us during regional elections. I never noticed that! I think I'm gonna run next time...

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Blogger Leon: Are your MEP's like our MLA's/MPP's? ie members of provincial legislature/parliament. Are they on a 'shire' level?

Blogger Fin: MEPs go to wherever the centre of the EU is (Brussels, I think) and don't really converse with their constituency.

I don't know where you come from, and I can't understand what MLA (Multi Letter Acronym?) or MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) stands for. And as for 'shire' level... are we talking Animal Farm here?


Blogger Leon: *hits head with hand* Duh! Of course! EU. Sometimes I think the UK is still resisisting Europe.

In Canada we have elected (federal) Members of Parliament and a Senate (appointed by the government in power). The provincial legislatures/governments have Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA's) or Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPP's). Theoretically they all work for us.

'Shires' - well those historical places are still on maps and names. Theoretically they are an administrative unit of some value.

Did Animal Farm mention shires? Anyway, British news treats your politics like an Animal Farm.


Blogger Kevin: And in the United States...
Well, we don't have government. Just TV news. Wow, I need to pay more attention in history...

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