Goblin “6”

It's bight, it colourful, it's partially scary and it's ever so slightly funky... but is it art?

No... no it is not.

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Anonymous Anonymous: I don't know about the bight part...

Blogger pirate_freak: Ok, I know that this is totally not related to this awesome pic, but Fintan. I need your computer expertise!!!!

I published a link on my blog as a post, but it tortally erased all my other posts. This has happened to me before, but I just deleted the post and all was well and good again. But this time, there is no Edit or Delete button on the Blogger Dashboard, and I dont know what to do!!!!

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Fin: Looks to me like it's working fine...

Blogger pirate_freak: Well, how many posts can you see on the page???

Blogger Fin: Loads!


Are we talking about the same blog, though?

Blogger pirate_freak: Yes...

Are you sure?

Because whenever I go on there, all I can see is a couple of posts.

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