New Look Channel 4 “0”

Channel 4 has made a New Year's resolution to have a branding revelation.

What an achievement. Channel 4 rests on it's brand identity as an upmarket channel for the media-savvy generation. The older logo of the "4" within the square was really good, and I thought they could have easily kept it for another few years.

The big jump they've made is a real risk. They could easily alienate their audience with their new idents, but they're just so well produced that I don't see how. Everything's very nicely thought out, and looks marvelous.

Channel 5 tried to do something like this a while ago, but didn't quite achieve it. At all. They just look skank, because they didn't think it out at all. Serves them right, really. They're pants.

Well done, Channel 4.

A still from C4's UFO ident. Click for more images.

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