The Real Wild West “1”

This new year I've decided to take a look at some of the pictures I've taken over the last half-year (since I got my hands on a lovely Nikon 4300).

I honestly can't wait until I get a car (around April, the time of my 17th birthday), because then I'm sure I'll be driving all over the place, and taking loads of pictures to boot.

Hello is a silly bit of software. I thought I was uploading all of these pictures at a higher resolution, but I didn't. If you want the original, high-res. version of any of these, just e-mail me.

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Blogger Leon: It's too bad your original res was changed. Do you have to set the resolution and other attributes in Hello?

I use flickr for firemind ( and my other blogs and it works very well.

Nice pics Fintan.

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