Those Poor, Desperate Housewives “2”

Last night on Channel 4 the first episode of Desperate Housewives aired.

It was really, very good far better than I expected it to be (trashy US comedy: peh). This is Nip/Tuck quality drama with a large dose of comedy and the sad parts, seemingly, removed.

Fantastically written and produced, their world of Whysteria lane (hmm...) is entirely immersive and, much like the desperate housewives themselves, perfect.

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Blogger GiNA: so you're from England? That's so cool. DH is a cool show, we're already far in the season though. And what proof do you have that our comedy is weird? Many people seem to like it... whatever.

<333 GiNA

Blogger Fin: That was no sweeping statement about US comedy ? I?m referring to the dribble that I see on satellite channels (and I?d include Seinfeld, thank you very much). Perhaps the advantage of being a small country with few channels is that usually only the best gets through. But things like Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps have slipped through.

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