Failed To Export The PDF File “1”

While doing my Media Studies coursework I found that Adobe InDesign wouldn't export the file to PDF.

Oh No!

Not to worry too much, though. Although the problem is hardly documented at all, and newsgroups pay off big on this one, I found that my problem could be solved quite simply.

All I needed to do was to check that you haven't rotated any images with transparency within their bounding box thing. You can rotate the actual bounding box itself, but not the transparent image within.

Hope that helps - I nearly had a hernia when it happened to me.

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Blogger bigfish: Oh man, thank God I found this post! I am putting my portfolio together and indesign kept giving me this problem over and over again! I couldn't figure it out and as your post said, it's hardly documented...whew..I can breathe again.

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