No More Adverts “0”

After having a total cracker of a time showing adverts on TRC, I've decided to remove them.

They're annoying, large and simply unnecessary - I could have easily found the $1.26 (or 67p) on the floor of my bedroom. And that's 67p anyway? Nowt!

So off they come. 12 clicks and 3,562 impressions since September 7th, with a 0.3% clickthrough rate.

Never mind - Buster Tests is doing rather nicely on the advert front. I-ve just discovered how I can make the ads even more 'clickable' (a tactic I didn't employ on TRC, but really should have). It's all in the colours, and making the advert text look no different from normal text. The orange borders and greyed out text really weren't working, and now I can see why. Pink and blue! That's the way forward!

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