I'm Leaving You “4”

I'm putting a stop to The Record Card.

I don't like the lack of anonymity. I'd like to speak my mind far more than I do, thank you very much.

So I'll be starting up a new one, with a nice new design, completely anonymously.

There will be no hints about The Record Card or any of my sites. Nothing.

Also, I'll send whoever emails me with the correct blog address a big bar of English chocolate, for free.

Sound good?

Bye bye.

You can still email me, though.

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Blogger pirate_freak: Wait? which adress? Your new blog adress???. . . . uhh. . .ok!

Blogger Kevin: Shall you be getting your own domain or simply use a blogging service?

Blogger Fin: Blogger - it will be entirely self-contained and rather personal. But you will never know it is me :D

Blogger pirate_freak: There goes my first blogger buddie. . .*sigh*. . .

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