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Google have done it, and given me a very good point to make in my essay on Internet tomorrow. So do allow me to get into the mood...

Google is possible the newest media institution. Since 1997, Google has morphed into an Internet services powerhouse, with a very clear monopoly over it's competitors. It is now more valuable than the very largest of the media corporations, Time Warner Inc., with stocks worth $80Bn(£44Bn), meaning it's also doing better than all other media institutions, including Disney, Viacom and News Corp. Even more staggering is the employee count: Google's 2,200 compared with Time Warner's 84,000.

This truly staggering surge in wealth can be seen as a clear indicator that the Internet is now a very large part of daily life, and hence is the most important medium of our age.

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Blogger Kevin: (in song) --
If you want it to be possessive it's just "I-T-S" but if you want it to be a contraction,
it's "I-T-apostrophe-S"!

Blogger Fin: Aggh! But the ' is for possessiveness, too...

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