Backpack & Gmail “0”

What's very useful about all this swish emailing of pages and searching of emails is the way it helps me to create an information buffer. Here's an example of how I use the 'buffer':
  1. shopping for a wedding gift
  2. make purchase without signing up for an account
  3. a receipt is given, with important order numbers in case of mishaps
  4. I copy and paste all of that text and put it into a note in Backpack
  5. one week goes by, no clear mishaps, don't think I need information any more
  6. Backpack emails the entire page to my Gmail account
  7. now that information is easily searchable
  8. I don't have to worry about not having the number to hand
  9. I can delete the entry in Backpack, making room for more stuff.
Simple, easy, effective.

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