Backpack Reminders & Orange UK “0”

It doesn't quite work from the off, and it isn't really very good, but this is how to get it working. Sort of.
  1. Get Gmail, or any other email service which offers free automatic forwarding of emails. It's best if you can get the one you use to do this, but if not just sign up to a Gmail account.
  2. Set Backpack to send the email reminders to the forwarding address.
  3. Set that email account to forward incoming emails from Backpack to [your username]
    If it isn't your usual email account, get it to forward them to you, too.
  4. Set up your account to alert you by SMS if you get any emails in your Orange inbox.
  5. When Backpack sends a reminder, you get it in your email account and on your phone!
Great! This does work, but...
  1. It's slow - that text could take anywhere from ten minutes to 2 days.
  2. It's incomplete - Orange only shows you the first 30 odd characters of the SUBJECT before cutting it off, because of all the other text in the message and the space limit.
I leave it on anyway, because these are reminders and it still is a very good reminder to receive it out of the blue, especially when you haven't acted on it when it arrived in your email inbox.

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