Buster is a USER! “4”

Over the last few days Buster, my beloved Border Terrier, has been acting a little odd. Only tonight have I realised why.

My poor, sweet little junkie.It turns out the Buster is one of the many dogs that are, and I am not kidding in any way, addicted to licking toads. No joke.

He's been doing it for ages, but I had never thought it would effect him.

It all started with finding the odd young toad, chasing it around the garden, building up the nerve to paw it and make it jump a bit more so the chase could go on.

As Buster grew used to the toads that appeared in the garden from time to time, he started to get a little closer. Close enough for a sniff or a quick touch on the mouth.

But lately he has been dropped into the dark world of toad abuse, licking them at any chance he can get. I didn't realise the toads were the problem, but over the last few days Buster has been acting REALLY weird. He's been very reclusive and shy.

The first night I noticed this was the night of what I like to call "The Big Trip". Buster had been "playing" with a frog in the garden, I wanted to go upstairs and so I had to drag him in away from the frog, He went mad, scratching at the door and moaning like crazy to be let back out so he could be reunited with his supplier.

That night, as I sat at the desk, Buster took a turn for the worse. At first I didn't understand why he was backing himself right into the corner of my room, hiding under my bed when I tried to get to him and shaking when I eventually got myself near enough to him to see how he was.

Buster was tripping his tits off.

And he knows it! For the last few days now he's been constantly scratching on the kitchen door, moaning to be let out. And what for? No the usual tiddles on the grass, oh no. As soon as I let him out he went straight for the places the toads are usually found, desperate for a fix.

The pissing toad that started it all!When I was out mowing the grass today when I found the toad, less than half a metre away from one of it's usual hideouts. I think there's only one, and if there is you can the picture of it to the right.

Buster saw it and went absolutely frickin' mental, darting himself across the garden and desperately poking it's head at it. Of course I didn't know that toads could get dogs high at this point, but when Buster started to foam at the mouth, I knew something wasn't right.

Buster has now gone cold turkey after a family intervention.

He looks like he hates us all now, especially me for some reason (probably because he was tripping madly in my room and I was the one that got really close to him while he did it). We're all on Toad watch now, and I'll inform you all when the withdrawal symptoms end.


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Blogger Leon: Oh my. Sorry Buster but I laughed my ass off. Fin make sure Buster gets into a good 12 step program ok.

Blogger Fin: Rehab it is.

Blogger Leon: Fin, I forgot to ask - did you have to take him to the vet?

Blogger Keith: Poor Buster. I never knew that dogs could become "addicts" once exposed to such a creature. Great story.

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