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Last night I was mediating on the improvement on Buster Tests.

I had a brainwave. I'd seen the demonstrations earlier, and was going to use them to integrate a new feature which wouldn't be so acceptable if they weren't dolled-up.

Take a look at my latest test, which features the unnamed feature
. Kevin and I are working on a catchy name for it at the moment, and I'm sure I'll be asking as many people as I can tomorrow, in addition to you.

You'll see a little green tick next to the answer entry box, click it and see what happens.

What do you think? I know that this might make the tests useless for some people - but not those who wish to learn a subject. Not at all. Actually, this new feature makes Buster Tests ten times more useful to those who want to learn how to do calculations, quicktime.

When I'm studying how to do a calculation, I'm always looking in the back for an answer (that is, if I don't know it myself). Then, once I see what to do, I go ahead and do the question, even if I know the answer straight out.

This method of learning is one which really works - hands down. It's rehearsing for a test. There should never be an uncomfortable mental silence when you don't know how to answer a question (especially when revising). Seek out the answer, and it will be ingrained in your brain, with a permanent link between question and method.

Additionally, the feature allows the testee to check their answer there and then - another thing I do regularly. It allows for confidence to be built up in the particular topic, which is very helpful when it comes to the actual exams.

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Blogger Leon: "useless for some people" - not at all. They don't have to use the feature. What is nice is that users don't have to follow a link to 'the back of the book'. Doing so wastes time and breaks the train of thought.

Eesh, my physics is rusty. :)

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