link Getting Down With Bit Torrent “0”

Here's a nice and quick guide on how get some hot and heavy P2P action rather securely.
  1. Download Bit Torrent
  2. Download Bit Tornado (stable is best)
  3. Download Peer Guardian 2
  4. Get a good firewall, like the free Zone Alarm
  5. Install, reboot (install all Peer Guardian blocklists)
  6. Always allow Peer Guardian 2 and your firewall to open up on startup
  7. Allow Peer Guardian 2 to regularly update it's blocklists
  8. Enable HTTP blocking and IP blocking in Peer Guardian
  9. Connect to the internet
  10. Visit TorrentSpy, or others to find and download torrents (that wouldn't lead to copyright theft, of course)
  11. Once downloaded, disconnect, reconnect
  12. Open torrent, allow Bit Tornado to download the special stuff
  13. Don't surf the internet
  14. For sincerety's sake, ensure you upload a reasonable about of the special stuff to other users, because that's how the whole thing works
  15. Close Bit Tornado, disconnect, reconnect and surf like normal
  16. Disable the HTTP blocking in Peer Guardian if sites don't appear (like Flickr)

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