link Likes & Dislikes: LOVEFiLM “0”

You might even say: "Love/Hate: LOVEFiLM".

  1. Massive number of DVDs on offer.
  2. Great website - amazing rating and queueing system that works blindingly well.
  3. Lots of extra content for the film buff.
  4. Well designed in general.
  5. Lists of films you might like to watch, recommendations.
  6. Quite good value, but...
  1. Slow to dispatch new DVDs.
  2. Don't always give you what's at the top of your list.
  3. Won't send you out a package to return the DVDs if you binned your other one.
  4. Website isn't actively sync'd with their database; only know if a DVD has been dispatched by the evening.
  5. Just that feeling like their being too slow to dispatch the next one, and that they aren't considering that you'll want to have the DVDs over the weekend.

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