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So I've been trying out this new, linky/posty format over the last few days, and I'm pretty happy with it! It seems to look good on the Web and in Bloglines, although I've yet to see it in any other news reader.

I hope you all understand the importance of the "link" button to the left of the headline. Sometimes I'll just want to post a link and title it, in which case it's just "link" followed by the title, and other times I'll use the link field to link to something relevant or related. Think of it as a linky dip!

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Blogger Leon: Gee, I just find out that this blog is up and running again and you corrupt me again. Where do you find so many good(?) links? :)

Blogger Fin: See the RSS feeds along the side of the blog? They're some of my fav link-finding blogs - popular especially.

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