Managing Your Coursework “0”

I'm trying to get as much A2 media studies coursework done as possible so I can concentrate on some other topics next academic year.

Backing Up

One of the things I have decided to do with my coursrwork and research study is digitize ( and permannently store all alterations to) any document I write during this period.

Method? Not such a thought out one, as yet, but I'm working with it as I do it. At the moment, I create something in Word, save it at school, email it to Gmail, print it, make alterations/additions when I have the time to just look at it, update the document in Word at school, email it to Gmail, print a new, updated copy and destroy the old one.

My hope is that I'll be able to look back upon the many revisions each document just by typing in it's name in the Gmail searcher. Which might come in handy...

Blogger as a Useful Tool

Starting today, I'm going to be documenting my work on the coursework project using Blogger.

It's really only for private use, and you couldn't possibly use it to copy my work.

I'm noting down which document's I've worked on, which I'm working on (or think need working on), and milestones.

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