M.I.A. “0”

Finally, some exciting new British talent that isn't a frog.

I'm listening to MIA's new album right now, and it's pretty good. If you like all of that "out there" music, fresh ideas and beats, this is certainly for you. Even if you aren't give it a quick listen on the iTunes.

It's really good. MIA's real name is Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, a wholly beautiful Sri Lankan name. She was born in Hounslow in London (there's more to it than that), and she's getting big in America. Which is brilliant. She's already had a very interesting life, so I wonder where it's going next...

Read more about MIA and her life on Wikipedia.

Update: The entire thing was really good! Well done M.I.A.! It's not entirely progressive stuff - it's just extremely fresh.

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