Odeo - the Beta “0”

I've been playing around with Odeo over the last few days.

I'm a bit of a podcast enthusiast - I like them and think they're an excellent example of of media convergence and evolution caters superbly to the Internet generation.

I don't want to beat down Odeo, but they do have a long way to go before they can even consider making a public appearance. I really want Odeo to work and work well, but it doen't quite cut the mustard when it comes to being a "Web 2.0" Internet service.

Odeo has amazing potential, and some things on the Odeo site actually made me say "wow" (see the podcast previewer), but I get a far too chunky feeling from the whole thing and I'm certainly not going to be switching to it from iPodder (which, incidentally, has recently added a brilliant "force genre" feature in a new release).

Much fine-tuning must be done by the Odeo team, now, to get it's launch (which will no doubt be a spectacular ball of hype) right. Otherwise, Apple will stomp all over it.

Good luck, team Odeo.

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