Olympics 2012 - A Win-Win Situation “0”

At this rate I will be going to the Olympics 2012.

At the moment, I am very happy to say, Paris and London are the two top contenders for the "crown" of host nation; with odds of 4-1 and 11-4 respectively.

That's just fantastic, and means that there is a real chance that London will play host to the games. But even if they don't win it, it's most likely Paris will be the hosts in 2012, which is also fine by me. Going to Paris to see the games would be quite cheap, I imagine, and it's only across a small stream. Madrid, the fourth most likely to win, is also very near and inexpensive to fly to.

Just so you know, New York is third in the running, but I don't know. I wouldn't make that trip unless I was loaded.

You never know, I might still become a rowing champion. Trouble is, I haven't even been on a rowing machine, so I do doubt that one.

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