link Some women caught using a mobile phone are punished by torture “4”

Certainly an eye-opener. Disturbing.

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Blogger Kevin: She was driving on a suspended license, going 51 in a 35, not wearing a safety belt, her windshield was broken, and her brake light was malfunctioning.
They're supposed to arrest you if your license is suspended. Rather than submitting to arrest, she disobeyed the officer and made a telephone call.
Maybe in Britain you're allowed to get away with breaking the law and are treated with sympathy because of your bravado against the authorities, but we tend to look down on people who get attitudes when they're being punished for knowingly disobeying the law. Just a bit.
Besides, if he pulled on her she would have sued him for assault or something. Better to be tasered.
Eh, maybe I'm just conservative.

Blogger Kevin: On second thought, the tasering was a bit much, but you've clearly misunderstood the reasons for her arrest.
We have laws against using a telephone while driving (I've seen drivers with phones to their ears - they're erratic), but it wouldn't warrant an arrest.
Anyway, this isn't eye-opening to me at all.

Blogger Fin: Oh I don't know. This is such a disturbing video that I'm just gonna side with the lady anyway, but to be honest, it is pretty cruel to taser people.

I can sort-of see why you have tasers in your country (guns), but when there are two police officers and one middle aged woman... any chance of a bit of civility?

Perhaps the cops don't have as much respect as the police, so they feel the need to use more weapons for more respect. That's kind of not how it works, though...

Blogger Kevin: Eh, cops = slang term for police. We make no distinction.

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