Two Jump Out “4”

I was just walking Buster today, as usual, in the empty countryside.

A car pulled up about 30 metres away from Buster and I as we walked (well, I pulled he tugged) back home, which always scares me because I don't want to be kidnapped or anything like that.

A tall, middle aged man then got out of the car, and walked towards the boot. The car was facing away from me so it looked like he was walking towards me. My pulse shot up. He opens the boot. Again with the pulse (oh PLEASE let there be no weapons in there).

There were no weapons.

Out jumped two youngish Border Collies, who proceeded to run down a small off-lane.

Buster went mad, but I was overjoyed.

We walked past their house on the way back, and they were very angry with Buster (teeth out and dribbling all over while they barked).

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Blogger Kevin: I prefer "boot" to trunk -- you had me confused for a moment there.

Blogger Fin: Do you mean the other way around?

Blogger Leon: It's spooky when your 'safety intuition' kicks in when its not really needed isn't it.

I used to work in security and had to trust my 'vibes'. Away from work sometimes I felt like chicken little! :)

Blogger Fin: lol

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