A Week OFF “4”

So now I am left with a lovely, long week off (possibly to make up for the half-term I missed out on).

What shall I do with my time? Well, this week's main targets are to... (and it will be interesting to see how this ordered list looks in the template)
  1. apply, fully, for a provisional driving licence
  2. organise a regular weekend job
  3. work on exciting new Buster Tests features
  4. write more Buster Tests tests
  5. organise room to a state which allows total Chi flowage
...and I might also go and see Mister and Misses Smith in Bristol if I can bear the treacherous bus trip.

Do join me on The Record Card as I progress though the list in no particular order.

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Blogger Kevin: I want before and after pictures.

Blogger Fin: Hmm... We'll see...

Blogger Kevin: (I'm sensing a "no" and nervous laughter.)

Blogger Fin: lol

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