Worries “2”

I'm starting to worry.

I tend to worry about quite a lot of things. Usually I keep those worries deep down and don't let on about them, but this worry is especially worrying.

I'm worrying that I'm not going to do so well in these exams. They're important. Just as important as the exams I'll have to take next year. I can't afford a mediocre mark here, because a good deal of my plans rest on my success.

It's a horrible thing, to have to prepare for failure. Of course, I really do hope I get the marks I need, and this is nothing but a worry, but I have a particularly grim feeling about this one.

Bizarrely enough, my self isn't doing anything to help. I'm getting bored with revising, I'm not thinking clearly or quickly enough, and I'm not working at the speed at which I should be. My answer? I hate to have to resort to drugs (not crack, for those who have just gasped), but sleeping tablets to help me into a pattern of early-rising will be purchased tomorrow. Let's hope that waking up early allows me more working time.

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Blogger Ariel: Sweet layout, especially the photo bar on the side. I'm guessing you put this one together yourself?

I relate to the agony of must-have grades.

Blogger Fin: Thanks, I did (quickly too so it's sloppy in places).

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