Cinematic Saga “2”

I went to see the Fabulous Four the other day (more later), but something unfortunate happened.

The woman who served me my obese drink didn't put it's cap on properly.

As I sat, liking the film very much, I went to take a drink, tilted it only slightly, and managed to have a staining amount of coke pour over my lovely yellow simpleton top.

I went straight to Gap in search of something cheap to buy that could replace it immediately. Nothing reasonable. River Island was my next choice. I'm not joking when I say they couldn't GIVE their clothes away. Sale prices, shirts down to £5, everything. All horrendous. Protochavware.

But I did find a nice little Quicksilver top for £12, green (my favourite colour) and tasteful. Success!

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Anonymous leon: What is with these 'obese' drinks? They're 50/50 water and sugar, bathtub sized, and almost as expensive as the movie (and they are taxing on clothes). I like the fact movie prices stay low but I might have to start sneaking in real pop.

Blogger Fin: They are rather horrible.

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