Do allow me to slate Yahoo! and Google for personalising search “1”

Personalised search. Why on Earth would anyone wish to do that?

If these search engines are any good already, they won't have to 'refine' my search to suit me!

Usually the reason I use a search engine is to find out about something - often something that I haven't searched about before (if I had, I'd probably know about it by now). When I do a search I want it to be over all available data - I don't want to be restricted in any way by past searches because there's a good chance it'll be restricted in the wrong way.

If Yahoo! and Google want to provide better search for their users, try getting rid of all of those pissy advert domains which just house their own adverts, along with all of the other rubbish sites around.

Remember: the personalisation of searching is the query.

Anyways... perhaps it's just an experiment.

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Blogger Leon: If we personalise something like that then our prejudices will influence the search. Like you I want a fresh view not my old one.

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