Flickr Pro Account, Anyone? “4”

Now That's Just LovelyIf you fancy winning a free Flickr Pro account, email me two of your very best photos.

I thought I was going to give this to someone, but have decided that they didn't really need it. I would prefer it if you enter only if you're going to use it at least semi-often.

If no one enters, I'll bag it for myself :D

Update: Oh and I'll publish any entries with links to their respective artists.

Deadline is next Thursday!

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Blogger Leon: I thought that was over with. I gave my two away already. Shall I send bargain hunters your way?

Blogger Fin: Yes please!

Ooh I wonder what sort of photos I'll get...

Blogger Leon: Notice here

Anonymous Anonymous: hi,
am i too late?

photo #1,
photo #2

tia, bers
the.foggerator [at]

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