Google Evolves “0”

Here's a summary of what Google's up to according to a recent patent application.
  • Google will track who owns what domains, to crack down on spammers.
  • Google will track user behaviour, I believe using My Search History. This is an opportunity for spammers to attack, and also threatens quality of results as often what I click on isn't want I need.
  • Google will monitor content changes and return results appropriately, especially regarding searches which have increased loads recently.
  • Google will track bookmarks and favourites along with cache files. This may signify a Google Browser, but I like to think they'll start looking at the likes of and digg more.
  • Google may lower your page rank if your site changes topic drastically (i.e. you loose the domain to spammers who don't have your content).
  • Google will take more notice of anchor text.
  • Google will analyse more factors around links, like how long it has taken a website to gain its links, hinting that a decent site will take ages, whereas spam will get many overnight. They'll have to be careful with that one, but they are onto something.
Thanks to Massive for the preliminary analysis.

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