iPod Mini Distress “7”

I thought my iPod Mini broke earlier on today, because it just seemed to turn itself off and not respond to anything. I was quite upset and very angry at Apple, but it's much better now! I pressed "Menu" and the central button at the same time for a few seconds, and it turned on.

Per-a-yas Jea-sus-sah!

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Blogger Leon: Disaster does ba-ring out ray-ligion doesn't it.:)

So how do you like the invisible technorati links?

Blogger Fin: It certainly does. I feel a bit bad about hitting it about now, too. What can I say, it was no sin!

I think I have an even better form of InvisiTag(TM). I'll experiment tomorrow...

Blogger Leon: InvisiTag(TM) -oooooooo -sounds nifty. Careful billy microgates likes nifty sounding webstuff.:)

Anonymous Gabor: I hate all the bugs iPods have, my one doesn't show the battery life correctly and I don't actually know when it needs to be recharged. Also, iTunes in Windows is a joke...

Blogger Fin: Bad luck. iTunes is sooo bloated...

Anonymous char: My damn Mini does the same freaking thing!! Thank goodness I have a warranty!

Blogger Fin: Exactly. I'd be going mental if it broke two months on and Apple wouldn't replace it.

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