London 2012 “1”

Today in a nail-biting event, it was announced that London won the right to host the 2012 Olympic games.

Which is yet another fantastic happening today.

I'm looking forward to it already! I'm so proud of the team for winning; it's a monumental achievement and all of their hard work planning and marketing the games has really paid off.

People often get cynical about the Olympics. They like to focus on what's wrong with the games, its administrators and its costs. But I am very sure that the benefits of redeveloping east London will be very apparent by the time the games end. If anything, a powerful morale boost to the Kingdom should be warmly welcomed, and is easily worth the money.

One thing I really want to watch is the presentation Lord Coe gave to the IOC in order to sway the votes our way. Some of the marketing material was really expectational.

Take a look at the videos on the BBC website. Coe & company did a fantastic presentation with some really striking films. If you can get hold of those two promotional videos, do. The one which showcases the developments that will now take place is exceptional; I'm really looking forward to seeing and using them!

All in all this is simply a great day for the UK, and perhaps for the world. We fought the campaign on the grounds that these games would inspire the youth of the world into sport, and I sincerely hope they do that, and more.

I was upset by some booing from France when the final decision was announced, but the tensions were high - I forgive them!

I'll be talking a lot about this as time goes by. But first... Beijing!

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Blogger Leon: It should be fun for the UK and great for East London. Now if any of us can afford it it might be fun for us.

When Victoria hosted the Commonwealth Games I spent my time working (at security) and sleeping. I saw little of the games. I did get to be in the same building as Prince Edward when the Malaysians hosted a dinner. (oooh aaaah).:)

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