London Death Toll at 37 “3”

Unfortunately this will probably go up after today's outrageous events. Many are in a critical condition in hospital.

Thankfully, we were as ready for this as we could be. The emergency services are well practiced in the art of dealing with such events, with specially trained teams deployed to the areas.

I'm very happy to see that the message that the group which carried out these cowardly bombings aren't Muslim. They can claim to be all they like, but they're sorely mistaken. One group which is stepping forward links themselves to Al-Qaeda.

It's quite unfortunate that all of this has happened after the Olympic bid. The team there were probably expecting to return to a hero's welcome, yet unfortunately it will be quite muted now. Good job we were chosen yesterday!

The best thing people can do now is to learn from the mistakes made following the events in New York. Don't become scared of going outside. Don't blame or become hateful towards Muslims. Don't trust the government blindly, although do give them your support. Keep on going.

It's great to see how the stock market is already getting back to normal; a great measure of how the resolve of the country is.

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Blogger Leon: "Don't become scared of going outside. Don't blame or become hateful towards Muslims." Yes don't. All that does is give the terrorists power.

The latest beeb I saw showed the traffic getting back to "normal" in London and people struggling to get home.

I passed the link to your last post to Christine at Supermum. Here is her post about her day in Croydon.

Blogger MommyCool: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Fin: Mommy Cool can kiss my balls.

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