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I've always wanted to get into the technorati tagging thing, especially for my longer posts which I put quite a bit of effort into.

So today I made and published a new tool of mine - the Technorati Tag Generator.

It's quick, simple and free to use (like me), and I hope it will allow lots more Bloggers to make their content easier to find.

I've also made it so that you can make the tags invisible, like I do, if you so wish.

If you like using it, please do link to it in any way you see fit. Share the love, as the saying goes.

I'll be working on it a bit more as time goes on, to add very usable features and so on.

Feedback is very welcome!

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Blogger Leon: I guess I will have to jump on the Technorati bandwagon sometime. Some of my online friends use tags a lot.

I tried it in Firefox just now and can't get the gray button to work. I will try it again after you have a look.

Good idea!

Blogger Fin: That's odd! It works fine for me...

Can you send me a screenshot?

Blogger Mind Valley: This is a great tool! Thanks for offering this. I already left a note on my blog about it.

However, I noticed that it does not appear to work for keyword phrases. In other words, the tag "tag generator" was broken into two seperate links instead of one links.

Is this easy to fix?

Blogger SatishTalim: I use Firefox 1.0.4. The 'Make Code' button just does not work. Can you help?

Blogger Fin: Thanks for the feedback, guys.

The problem with the button is probably something silly, and I'll work on it tonight.

The "*" keyword thing should take me an hour or more to fix, so I'll leave that one until the weekend. Until then, put a + in between each word.

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