Off to Newquay “2”

At ten tomorrow I'm off on a holiday... of sorts.

A picture of me, happy, for you to look at while I'm away.I'll be going to Newquay's fabulously glamorous Watergate Bay. I'm doing it with my physics class (who are, on the whole, great), and we'll be surfing, camping, barbecuing, (pretending to be) learning physics, taking pictures of stars with coke cans (I don't know either).

I'll be doing as much photography as my battery/flash card will permit, too!

The trip is four hours in the car with our teacher Mr "S", which is going to be much better than going in the Minibus with the hoy polloi.

I'll be back on Tuesday, and may have things to share with you.

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Blogger Fin: I think I look a bit fat and old in that photo.

Blogger Leon: Everyone deserves one pic they don't like. And this one isn't bad.

Have fun in the 'exotic' south.

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