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What a bizarre day. I went into school thinking I had a full set of lessons, only to find out that we had a day where we got to sit around and listen to people talk about their career, and how to get into a job like theirs. One an hour for four hours.

It's not as simple as it sounds.

Hour 1 - The Local Councillor

She was such a nice old lady, but I'm not sure she really knew what she was there for. I suspect that the class was interested in finding out about politics, and to an extent we did. I can remember her talking about:
  • respecting your parents
  • the war
  • not doing drugs
  • being a constable
  • why we aren't in Zimbabwe right now (oil)
  • not swearing because doing so is bad for being a politician
  • what she did for fun as a child
  • swearing because sometimes it earns you respect
  • your mother being your best friend
  • the war
  • having nine siblings
  • touching things that aren't yours to touch (yikes)
  • asking people thinking of doing a psychology degree to psychoanalyse her
  • the war
It's true! She wasn't talking about any recent wars, either. But she was a laugh.

Hour 2 - Year in Industry

Wow! I've decided what I'll be doing before going to university... a year in industry. You get paid to learn and invent - brilliant!

Hour 3 - GWR News Reading

This man, Macca - a bit of a local celeb, was really nice. I remember thinking about how confidently and clearly he spoke; I can see why he reads the news! He was going to slip our school's name into the weather at 5.00pm, but I missed it :(

Hour 4 - The BBC

Oh my.

Now this is the part I was really surprised about. Instead of talking to us about careers in broadcast media, as one might expect, the pair from BBC Bristol decided to use us for audience research.

They were part of a unit whose main function is to invent new ideas for programmes. They showed us some 'tasters' they had been working on, and talked about how they've been doing Bargain Hunt and the likes.

I now fully understand why the BBC is in so much trouble.

What a bunch of awful crap. I suppose they are tasters, but even then, how on earth the BBC allows them to keep their jobs is beyond me!

But I am pleased to say that I can now exclusively reveal that BBC Bristol will be producing a set of factual programmes based on the work and adventures of a veterinary couple based in Africa. Saving hippos and the like. Now that, my friends, is a total exclusive, because it was commissioned only hours ago. Some how.

They wanted to know what us 17-year-olds don't watch so many BBC shows, what we enjoyed on TV in general and why.

I told them that I loved Channel 4, because they have very, very innovate content (even if they didn't produce it). I'm talking about Big Brother, How Clean Is Your House?, Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck... the list goes on.

I explained to them that each one of these programmes plays on a fundamental feature of human personality, usually in an indirect way and usually one that a large majority possess. That's why people like these shows. They bring out, often in a discrete manner, hidden personality. Identifying with the characters is not clear, but it's natural.

They've invited out group into BBC Bristol for a brainstorming session. I'm going to try my best to come up with some ideas while there, and will insist on having my name in the credits, of course.

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