link Tech Tag Tool Updated “7”

I've done a bit of work on the Technorati Tag Generator.

The favicon now matches Technorati's, so you can use your Firefox bookmark toolbar like never before!Now it's much nicer to look at, use and bookmark.

As you can see from the pic to the right, the logos are now similar but clearly different, which means you can add them to your Firefox bookmark panel (Oh dear! IE users miss out on this little gem because it's sheet!).

There were some problems for the noble open-sourcers among us. I hope you'll find them to be fixed now, but if not please tell!

Any other requests, problems or comments - email me!

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Blogger Kevin: Thank you, Fintan.
Now add an "organize" tag to this post.

Blogger Leon: The update looks sharp. You removed your links to Marketwest and other info at the bottom though.

I wrote a post at Firemind about the generator.

Blogger Leon: Your Generator links

Blogger Leon: technoratitaggenerator yippee yay fintanthebuttonworks!

Blogger wouldn't let me use real tags in comments.:)

Blogger Keith: This is great Fintan, thanks for doing this and I plan on using it!

Blogger Fin: You're welcome!

Blogger Fin: That's great, Leon!

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