A Year of Gmail & Firefox “0”

Well I looked back over some of my previous posts today and low and behold, I found that I have been using Gmail and Firefox now for over a year!

Let me just say what a revolution these two products are!

Firefox is the deluxe browser, constantly changing for the better and drawing on loads of people's creativity and talent.

Gmail is even better - cross browser, cross platform, fast, quick, useful, easy, free! It works so well I'm delighted to have a years worth of email to search now!

The number of spams I receive in my inbox is down to about 5 or 6 a month, and the number I'm actually receiving in a month (the number of spams in my spam box) is lowering all the time! It's gone from about 2500 six months ago to 884 today! That's some drop - and it shows just how good Gmail's spam filters are when the spammers are choosing to just not bother!

Let's hope that over the next year these two technologies don't take a turn for the worse.

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