Ahh Home “2”

After three long weeks of being relatively nomadic, I'm back 'ome!

But I'm not as happy as I should be. My rooms has been moved about, some furniture stolen for use in my Brother's room, which means that all the stuff which was on the shelves is now... disheveled.

You knew that was coming.

So basically I have to reorganise and rethink.

I also have a metric tonne of podcasts and blog posts to get through. I'm sure my iPod can't take it, but we'll have to go slowly.

I have loads to blog about (exciting, non-tech things) but I'd like to wait until I can write a post properly. Food, glorious food!

Minutes after being home my friends poped over and asked me if I wanted to go down the pub. I was so traumatised by the room dishevelment, I went. A lot.

Now my head hurts! Damn carcenagens.

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Blogger Leon: Brothers stealing furniture is a tradition. So is friends and pubs.

My uncle once said have a drink on me and gave me some cash as a present. I wrote him after a party and said thanks for the gift, but don't say have a drink on me anymore. I had several and I still hurt. :)

Blogger Fin: lol

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