Ananova's Corrections “4”

Being a fast-paced news agency, you're bound to make some mistakes eventually.

How about Mariah Carey not flashing her breasts in Germany (it was an incident with a shoulder strap!).

How about Frank Skinner not being a rapist (silly misspelling...)

How about Bill Clinton not doing ads for clothing in China?

I dare say that all of these mistakes are far more exciting than most news relating to these people.

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Blogger Leon: I didn't see "Inquirer" listed behind Ananova. perhaps they should put it there.

About the second one: Who is the editor? - a blind five year old who can't write english?

Blogger Kevin: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Kevin: How about robotic relief not being for real?
And there's no relief in sight.

Blogger Fin: They sure are great!

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