Getting On My Nerves “6”

I have received an email to my Hotmail account a good few times from different people I know personally, containing an array of images of US soldiers being nice to children, group hugging, holding small babies, petting kittens, etc. in Iraq.

I can't tell you how tempted I am to send just one picture of a dead Iraqi in reply to these emails. I mean, I really am very tempted to do so. Really. I am. I could do it any moment now.

But I resist...

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Blogger Leon: A pic war? What's the point? I might have to tape my lens cap to my camera in protest.

So how are news pics supposed to convince you to think differently? More importantly, why must you?

Blogger Fin: The final image is one of an American flag, along with text along the lines of 'support the troops and if you do anything to this message I'll 'av ya!'.

That really gets me.

Blogger Leon: Crappy. Hey, I am IMing New York and discussing Buster tests/studies. Small world.:)

Blogger Fin: :) Busy, busy...

Anonymous Anonymous: you should be committed

Blogger Fin: I'm always committed

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